Frequently Asked Questions

Q : My janm kundali says that I am Manglik and my mother remains constantly worried regarding my marriage? What to do? Will I never get married?

You will, why not. Now make it clear in your mind that being a Manglik is not something to make fuss about. There are various people on this planet who are born with the planet Mars ruling them and that does not mean that you cannot marry. Marriage is certainly affected when you are Manglik but there are so many simple remedies that you can opt for to minimize the effect of the Dosha. You can follow any one of them and not only get married to the man of your dreams but also lead a blissful marital life. Tell this to your mother and she will calm down. Last but not the least, contact a famous astrologer in this regard.

Q : My husband and me fight a lot over little issues? Can astrology help?

Do not worry. Astrology has the solution to all the problems of life pertaining to love, family or business. You can consult an expert astrologer and get solutions to all the problems. He or she would recommend astrological solutions. You can opt for any one and see your married life getting back on its path once again.

You can make use of any of these astrological remedies: Wife should sleep on the left side of the bed and husband on the right side. Make sure that you use the same pillow. Buy flowers on a Friday. These flowers can either be rose or any white flower and should be kept in the bedroom.

These are just two remedies which you can use to solve your never ending marital disputes. In fact, there are many.

Love Relationship Astrology is the perfect solution to any such problem like this.

Q : What are the benefits of love spells?

The main benefit of casting love spell is that you can get the love of your life back. You can easily attract your lover towards yourself using a love spell. Astrology has the power to cast love spell and solve any love issue between you and your partner.

Q. Is astrology really effective at solving love problems?

The answer to your question would be yes. Astrology is not only effective at solving love problems but also family problems and career related problems. This is a wonderful science as it goes into the core of a problem and solves it completely. If you are also facing a love problem, then you can give astrology a try and see the results for yourself.

Q : Do janm kundalis really need to match for a successful marriage?

According to the Hindu mythology, Kundli matching is considered to be very important before tying the wedding knot. It is said that if the “Guns